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The recent Covid 19- pandemic and the following economic and political situation in Europe – especially the war in Ukraine – has led to a lack of many industrial raw materials in the EU. Many ingredients used in the rubber, tyre, plastic and cable industry have been imported from Ukraine and China in the past, both countries now are facing their specific problems with exports to the EU. This is also visible in white fillers like Kaolin of which the biggest resources in Europe are located in the Ukraine (from where the supply has been interrupted). The war in Ukraine on one hand and the plans for decoupling the Chinese from the European economies and the fragile supply chains from Far East on the other hand have inspired and led to new efforts to improve the availability and varieties of local / European raw materials.
Our manufacturing partner, Sedlecky Kaolin a.s. located in Czech Republic, a leading manufacturer of technical fillers has therefore intensified the efforts to develop new grades of Kaolin especially designed for the use in technical applications like rubber, tyre, cable and plastics industry.
With a strong commitment to all current environmental guidelines, Sedlecky holds all necessary certificates to ensure the highest quality and environment standards.
The traditional portfolio can be checked in the attached pdf, for any questions about new developments or applications please do hesitate to contact us,

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