New challenging circumstances require innovative solutions

Flexilis combines decades of experience from various fields and offers expertise in producing, distributing and developing chemical products and additives. Our company merges know-how from the plastic, rubber, food, pharma, cosmetics and fat industry in the most natural and sustainable way. When it comes to our process technology, we prioritize CO2 reduction, cost efficiency and customized solutions. Our goal is to recycle previously unused industrial residues. We produce exclusively in Europe and according to valid EU guidelines by reducing our transport routes to the bare minimum. Our mission is a new ballast free start into an optimized and clean future.

Innovative Solutions

Meeting the needs of our partners and our environment by offering economical and ecological solutions

With our product experience and knowledge, we face various challenges successfully and optimize industrial processes efficiently. We work on a project basis with our customers and strive for achieving our common goals. This strategy allows us to offer tailor-made, unique and innovative solutions. Although we specialize in the technical rubber industry, tire industry, cable industry and special plastics we are not limited to already existing products. Our company is always interested in creating new technologies and solutions for our customers.

Our focus is to develop and produce

Additives, Natural Fillers, Plasticizers and Resins

We strive to improve our customers‘ productivity and process optimization providing a high availability and secured supply chains. For any question or request you may have please feel free to use our contact form.


Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

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Environmental Responsibility

We want to reduce human impact on our planet and our environment. This is why we produce exclusively in Europe and therefore reduce our transport routes as well as our CO2 output to the bare minimum. We are committed to this matter by optimizing the use of resources to reach energy efficiency and guarantee a reliable supply chain. Furthermore, we comply all local environmental regulations and constantly work on minimizing and monitoring our waste production.

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Economic Responsibility

Our economic credo is to operate in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. By reducing waste production and lowering energy consumption, we commit to the environment as well as to the economy and guarantee a high-level product quality. With an elaborate way of product managing we take responsibility in facing global economic and environmental challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity. Our partners in development and technology are committed to this goal just like us.

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Social Responsibility

Our mission lies in constantly educating, improving and motivating. We promote diversity and inclusion to ensure a fair and respectful international collaboration. As a company we focus on an open social dialogue, moral labor practices and ensure the compliance with human rights as well as employment law. Our code of conduct and ethics underpins the relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and other partners.